Monday, April 30, 2012

Speaker for May - Jim Turner!

On May 19th, Jim Turner will speak at the NM UFO/Paranormal Forum. Jim is a professional archeologist and host of History Channel’s Apocalypse Island documentary. In 1996 Jim discovered a massive monolithic sculpture, twice the size of the Egyptian Sphinx, on the deserted slopes of a volcanic island off the coast of Chile. The monument depicts the Mayan Sun God and a crouching jaguar and is the only location in the Western Hemisphere to witness the final Total Solar Eclipse of 2012.

 After the discovery of the monument Jim returned to complete a Master’s degree in Mesoamerican archeology with a focus on archeoastronomy. His thesis study of the Dresden Codex Venus Table identified a previously unknown 20-part zodiac system related to the Mayan calendar. This research was later combined with knowledge gleaned from the island monument to interpret the astronomical events of the final katun of the Mayan Great Cycle, the years leading up to 2012 and the prophesied end of the 13th Baktun.

 Jim’s talk will focus on the Mayan calendar and the cycles of eclipses that were precisely predicted by the Mayan astronomer-priests millennia ago. The cosmos meshes with the calendar in the twilight of 2012 and substantive proof will be given that presages a return of the Mayan king Chan Bahlum, perhaps in the discovery of his lost tomb. An analogous prediction of the 2012 eclipse is effectively beyond the present capabilities of even NASA and the accurate location of the island monument is an overt demonstration of the Mayan’s mastery of space and time. The Sun God monument promises profound revelations at the end of the Mayan Calendar.

This should be a great event!  Please check the sidebar for place, date and time.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photos and Thanks!

We had a more than full house for Travis Walton.  There were about 130 people who showed up, a few had to be turned away, but the center was nice enough to bring in more chairs and most people (around 115) got to hear Travis' presentation.  Which by the way, was fantastic!

Thanks go to almost everyone who attended for being understanding and patient about the seating problems!  Also, a big thanks to everyone who donated to help Travis cover his travel expenses from Snowflake, AZ!

The trend of me having bad hair days on meeting days continued.

That is my favorite photo from Applebees after the meeting!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dear KRQE Viewers...

Please know that Manzano Mesa only allows us 88 people in our room.  We were not expecting news coverage of our Travis Walton event and any people over that amount may be turned away. 

FREE guided "mini" tour w/ Norio Hayakawa prior to the meeting

From Norio:


This is to inform everyone ( especially those who live in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho areas )  that I will be conducting a FREE, guided "mini" tour on Saturday, April 21, beginning at 10:30 a.m. and ending at 12:30 p.m.
The theme of my free, guided "mini" tour is:  AN IMPORTANT ASPECT OF ALBUQUERQUE'S UFO HISTORY.

I will be leading a car caravan for this guided "mini" tour.

There will be brief stops at 5 important locations.  All these locations are only about 15 to 20 minutes from the Manzano Mesa Multi-generational Center where we will attend the April meeting of NEW MEXICO UFO AND PARANORMAL FORUM from 1:15 p.m. to hear Travis Walton.  (Admission is FREE).

At each stop, I will be explaining the significance of the location.

We will all meet at 10:30 a.m. sharp at the front door of Manzano Mesa Multi-generational Center, 501 Elizabeth St., SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87123.  Then, we will all depart from the parking lot.

We will all go in separate cars in a car caravan, lead by me.  (Please try to share a ride with others, in order to limit the number of cars in the caravan.)   I can accommodate 3 persons in my vehicle.

First stop:   THUNDER SCIENTIFIC CORPORATION which is located right next to the main gate of Kirtland Air Force Base on Wyoming St.  We will gather just outside of the building and I will be giving the explanation as to why THUNDER SCIENTIFIC CORPORATION (which was originally established by the late Paul Bennewitz and still carried on by his son Jeff Bennewitz) is important in the UFO history of Albuquerque.

Second stop:   We will go to the fence of part of Kirtland Air Force Base from where we can see part of the former Manzano underground nuclear storage facility (underground facility) and also from where we can see some of Sandia Laboratory's "other" facilities in the distance near the Coyote Canyon.  I will explain the significance of this location.   It is located at the very end of Juan Tabo St.

Third stop:   We will go to the outside (not inside, LOL!!) of Paul Bennewitz' residence (where his wife still lives).  We will have to conduct ourselves very discreetly in order not to bother anyone.  We will only stay there for one minute.

Fourth stop:
Then we will go to the exact location (only less than a block away from Paul Bennewitz' residence) right next to the fence of the former Manzano underground nuclear storage facility.  This fence is the exact spot from where Paul Bennewitz used to witness some strange luminous objects hovering over the Manzano hill (above the underground facility) beginning in 1980.  We will spend about 10 minutes at that spot.  I will be explaining why this spot played an important role for Paul Bennewitz in the subsequent rumors about an alleged underground base (Dulce) in northern New Mexico.  I will also explain the role of Kirtland AFB and OSI in the subsequent Dulce base story.

Fifth and final stop:   Then we will go to the spot (less than a mile east of Paul Bennewitz' home) from where you can see a double row of razor-sharp electric fences that surround the former Manzano underground facililty.  We will also see the WARNING SIGNS on the fence, which is located in an indescript public hiking "park" operated by the city of Albuquerque.  We will also see a sign that says:  "This area may be monitored by video camera", issued by Albuquerque Police Department.   Please make sure to bring cameras and videocameras.  It will be an unusual experience for you all
We will then head back to the Center in time (about 12:45 p.m.) to get ready for the meeting of NEW MEXICO UFO AND PARANORMAL FORUM where Travis Walton will be speaking from 1: 15 p.m.  The admission is FREE.

There is a COSTCO less than a minute away from the Center where one can get a quick $1.50 lunch that includes a great Polish sausage or Kosher hotdog and a soft drink. 
Or, if one wants to spend more money, one can get a good sliced pizza and a soft drink for $3.50.
-from Norio Hayakawa