Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fwd: September Dowsers Meeting

Dear Dowsers, Friends & Community Members -         

Welcome to the Autumn chapter meeting of the Los Lunas Willow Benders.  We are now meeting quarterly until we have a full time staff to facilitate operations.  I am happy to announce that through new health office management we have been able to secure our old meeting place.  (See directions below)

As a reminder, September is traditionally our chapter election of officers for the new year.  This includes President, Vice-President and Secretary/ Treasurer.  If you, or someone you know, has an interest in supporting our chapter and becoming more involved, please come.

Our Willow Benders chapter is made possible through the contributions of many volunteers like you.  It continues to be an evolving forum for dowsing, spiritual growth, awareness and healthy living.  We would like to see the Los Lunas Dowsers continue well beyond 2015.

There will be arts and crafts vendors as well as the latest dowsing tools and photon healing devices available at the meeting. Please do support our local community artisans.   Thank you!
                                                                                                                                                             Dowser Gary :-D

We cordially invite you to attend the September 12th meeting of the American Society of Dowsers Los Lunas Chapter - The Harmonious Earth "Willow Benders". This month we are happy to present Professional Healer and Energy Worker, Dr. Althea Gray.

Dr. Althea Gray: "Things that go "Boo" in the Night".
Is the unseen world affecting your life?  Through ten years of study, I've found that what you don’t see can deeply effect the quality of your life.  Invisible forces can contribute to depression, sleeplessness, anxiety, aggression and more.  Many people are medicated when they need to be cleared of these negative influences.  We will explore the unseen world and the impact it has on health and society.  We will also address what can be done to protect and clear ourselves of these creepy interlopers.

Althea Gray, PhD (MA) has been practicing as a Human Potential Healer for 18 years.  She gleaned gifts from her Nicaraguan Curandera grandmother and is a frequent lecturer and radio guest discussing the role of the Professional Healer in contemporary medicine.  Althea is the founder of Professional Clearers ® and the International Institute for Professional Healers ®.  Over ten years she has developed a unique quantifiable program to clear negative forces from people, land, and buildings.  Althea believes the clearing of negative forces should be an accepted part of medicine and not just a part of paranormal studies. 

Contact Althea at: (505) 983-9582, or see

Please visit our chapter web site, for more information and tickets on all presentations and events.

A Definition of Dowsing:
The communication of subtle energies and information perceived by one's extended senses and natural intuition with the focused conscious "rational" mind through the use of a device and/or learned response.
(Information received in this manner is from the unified field, not limited by time and space or the acknowledged physical laws of the universe)

WHEN: Saturday Meeting September 12th, 2015
WHERE: Los Lunas (old) Public Health Office, RDN Building Lecture Room, 1000 N. Main St. NW, Los Lunas (Between Los Cerritos & Don Pasqual - 5 minutes east of I-25)    E-Mail:   Phone: 505-565-1784

TIME:  1:00 PM to 5:00 PM  (All volunteers please arrive by 12:20 PM to assist with meeting setup - Thanks!) :-D 

DONATION: $5.00 ASD Members and Non-ASD Members, First Timers and Children Free!

BRING:  Healthful Snacks to share and/or $, Water, Dowsing Tools (If you have them - some will be available), Great Expectations, (No animals, please) Participating Children are welcome.

WHAT'S HAPPENING: 1:00 PM:  Welcome, Announcements, News, Introductions and Sharing
                                           2:00 PM:  Presentation: Things that go "Boo" in the Night  - Dr. Althea Gray
                                           3:45 PM:  Workshop: Basic Dowsing School and Exercises - Gary Plapp
                                           5:30 PM:  Speaker Dinner: Local Restaurant :-)

DIRECTIONS:  From I-25 take Los Lunas exit (Highway 6).  Go east on Highway 6 or Main Street past Los Cerritos Rd.  Los Cerritos Rd. is the stoplight street going north on your left, past Home Depot and Lowe's on the north.  You will see two large yellow signs on the left that say "State of New Mexico, Los Lunas Campus."  Take an immediate left on to the campus.  At the circle ("T") make a right and then the first left.  Park in the diagonal parking spaces in front of the one story "RDN" building.  Enter through the main front entrance (lobby) and go directly to the large lecture room.

If you are driving from Highway 47 or Highway 314, follow Main Street in Los Lunas west past the Luna Mansion and continue towards I-25 and pass Don Pasquel Rd. on your right.  You will see two large yellow signs on the right that say "State of New Mexico, Los Lunas Campus."  Take an immediate right on to the campus and follow above directions from that point.  Orange "Dowsers Meeting" signs posted.  See MAP.