Friday, April 29, 2016

May NM UFO/Paranormal Forum

Greg Bishop – Saturday, May 21st. 12:00-2:30 p.m.
North Domingo Baca Center (7521 Carmel NE – Wyoming N of Paseo in Room 4):
Presentation Title: Ufology – New Directions
Synopsis: Using ideas from his new book “It Defies Language!” as a basis, Greg will outline possible directions for UFO study using discoveries in physics, psychology, cognition, and information theory. What do UFO witnesses report when they have no films, books, television or other media to tell them what they are seeing? How different are these accounts from reports that originate in media-saturated areas? Using the work of respected researchers and others outside the field, we will see how the last frontier of UFO study may be the witnesses themselves, who are ultimately the best instrument we have for measuring the mystery.
Greg will also bring along some rare items from his research into the Paul Bennewitz saga as told in his book “Project Beta.”
Bio: Interested in “facts that don’t fit” from an early age, in 1991, Greg Bishop co-founded a magazine called The Excluded Middle, which was a journal of UFOs, conspiracy research, psychedelia and new science. It ceased publication in 1999. Wake Up Down There!, which anthologized many of the articles and features, was published in 2000 by Adventures Unlimited Publishing.  Greg’s second book was Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth (2005 Simon & Schuster/ Pocket Books) which documented a government campaign of disinformation perpetrated against an unsuspecting U.S. citizen in Albuquerque, NM.  Weird California, a portrait of strange and eerie history and places in the Golden State, was released by Sterling Publishers and Barnes & Noble in 2006. Greg contributed about 75% of the material and photos. From December 2007 to November 2011, Greg blogged for the UFO and paranormal site Ufomystic. His current book It Defies Language is composed for the most part of entries from that blog along with older material and brand new articles written just for the collection.For two years Greg hosted The Hungry Ghost, a radio show of interviews and music airing on pirate FM station KBLT in Los Angeles. His current show, Radio Misterioso can be heard live at, and podcasts are available for download. Interviews with fringe-topic researchers and weird music are the usual fare.