Thursday, June 5, 2014

June meeting with guest speaker Mary Munoz

NM UFO/Paranormal Forum is proud to present Mary Munoz, at our June meeting on June 21st Sat. @1:15 pm at the Manzano Mesa Center east @ Eubank and Southern . Mary Muñoz, a generational experiencer, will share her most significant occurrences with ET encounters, ships, lights and missing time. This is Mary's first speaking engagement since 2005. Her discussion will focus on:

 1. The generational link to abduction

 2. Early childhood experiences: Bloomfield, New Mexico

 3. Lights & Ship from 1977 - 1978, Central New Mexico

 4. 1984 University encounter with an ET: Weatherford, Oklahoma

 5. Two hours and forty-five minutes of missing time on January 1, 1990 Wyoming

 6. Cigar Ship 1990 on I - 10 Arizona

 7. Orange Orb 1995 Moriarty, New Mexico

 8. The Watcher Being: Moriarty, New Mexico

 9. September 3, 2000 - The White ET's: Hooper, Colorado

 10. The Awakening In her power point presentation Mary will share art work representing the various ET's and experiences she has had.

Join us at Applebees after for great discussion and fun!