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May Meeting with guest speaker Jen Klarfeld

For our May Meeting it gives us great pleasure to welcome Jen Klarfeld-- she is a special Lady.
Sat. May 23th @ 12:00 ( noon) until 2:50pm at the Manzano Multi-generational Center   501 Elizabeth St Se, Albuquerque, NM 87123 

Jen Klarfeld is an Artist and a Soul Artist based in Santa Fe New Mexico.  Jen is a Hypnotherapist and ThetaHealer, and the founder of Trailblazing Transformation.  In her practice Jen facilitates Explorers through Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Theta Healing and complimentary toolkits for empowering Human Divinity, Clarity, Guidance, Awareness, Purpose and Transformation, all from within.
Jen found her way to explorations and experiential studies in art, dance, clairvoyance, meditation, shamanism, creative writing, creative expression, dream exploration, song writing, divination, and even theater, woven in with her path taking root in hypnotherapy, Awakening Facilitation, and complimentary soul toolkits.
Jen has been blessed with the honor of having studied directly with Dolores and Julia Cannon, Dr. Brian Weiss, Sandra Ingerman, and Michael Harner, as well as in ThetaHealing, Holographic Memory Resolution, and more.  Her life passion centers around creative expression in fine arts, painting, creative writing, music, dance, divination and the soul arts.  Jen’s life mission centers in discovering deeper levels of who she truly is, and assisting others in their own self discoveries.
Jen has seen through the expanded awareness of an Early Indigo, Starseed, Wayshower, Creative, and Pioneer through this and multiple incarnations.  She is motivated and wired to open vast infinite gifts of who she is, and to help you to do so for yourself.

Jen will pay tribute to her teacher, Dolores Cannon, Hypnotherapist, Pioneer, Author, Publisher of 19 + books, and Chronicler of Lost Knowledge. 
She will give an overview of the Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth.  She will explain how the call went out to the higher dimensions that the kids on Earth were in trouble, and pure hearted, high dimensional beings were called in to volunteer to incarnate, forgetting who we were, to help the human incarnates awaken beyond blind rage, war, fear, and volatility.

She will share some secrets of who we are beyond what we’ve been taught, from her own clients and contactees’ regression experiences.  She will share more of Dolores and her own findings about how the New Earth is unfolding, and the changes underway to realize this.  We will talk about what we need to let go of, to move into the New Earth right now.  Jen will remind us, as per her own and Dolores’ regression sessions, why many of us who are contactees, have been programed to forget, and how we can take the high road, and recognize our larger identity, purpose and gifts, beyond the fears of control from forces outside of us.

Finally she will explain how Dolores’ pioneering, teachings, and trance process opens up the SubConscious, which accesses the Super Conscious or All Knowing Self, to facilitate healing, guidance, purpose and life change, knowledge of cosmic origins, and powers of the unique soul, underlying this life expression.  She will explain how Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy bypasses fear, to reach the Omniscient Source Self.

An eclectic selection of Dolores Cannon’s Books will be available for sale, on a first come first serve basis

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