Monday, June 4, 2012

June Speaker: Kimberlee Johnson

We are excited to have Kimberlee Johnson speak at our June Meeting ---- Bio is as follows
Kimberlee Johnson was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, with a respect for all things in Nature. The time spent in the forests laid the foundation for her connection to animals, rocks and plants. She's spent her adult life in the Southwest, with the magic of the desert and the mountains interwoven into the fabric of who she is. She is a dowser and an herbalist, focusing on local medicinal plants. The subtle energies of Nature and the mystical connection of everything, fascinate her. She is trying to bring that understanding to anyone who is willing to listen.

In December of 2011, Kimberlee was chosen from applicants across the globe, to study and work with the shamans and elders of the Shipibo tribe in the Northern Amazon region of Peru. The tribe has agreed to share their indigenous wisdom with the world. The tribe's connection to the jungle and the stars is what has helped to create their culture and their reality. Their lives are shaped by how they view the plants and animals around them. They see some of the plants as great teachers from the stars. She is returning from the Amazon mid June and will be sharing the energies and realizations from the shamans to the community in New Mexico and beyond.

Manzano Mesa, June 16th, 1:15pm - 3pm.  See sidebar for map.

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